Teaching Philosophy

My Philosophy

Kristen is dedicated to providing a positive and relaxed environment for every student, enabling them to develop their full potential. She teaches students of all ages from beginner to advanced singers. Kristen provides instruction in a variety of musical styles from classical to musical theatre. As well as offering guidance to those wishing to develop confidence in their singing technique, she provides training for those who desire participate in voice exams through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Kristen also provides many performing opportunities for her students through yearly concerts and through participation in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival.

Kristen’s singing lessons focus on vocal health, breath control, flexibility, range, resonance and projection, in addition to gathering a varied song repertoire. She believes that by providing a solid foundation in vocal technique, students will thrive, bringing out the best of their intrinsic vocal potential.  With a focus on strong vocal and musicianship techniques, each singer will flourish with ease to ensure a long life of healthy singing!


Lesson Focus

Lessons focus on developing good vocal technique through the study of classical music, musical theatre, and popular music styles. Students will experience increasing confidence with respect to

  1. Breath support
  2. Vocal range
  3. Performance Technique
  4. Overall musicianship

Everyone has the ability to sing. Come discover your singing potential!

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